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21 Apr 2020

Introducing The Next Generation of Collaborative Workspace For Remote Working

For the last 10 months, a team of artists, creators and developers at Remotely HQ Limited (Remotely) have been building an online platform to make the experience of remote work even better than working from an office. Now, it is available for you to try for free to improve your staff's satisfaction and productivity, all while reducing costs and doing good for the environment.

Connected but not 'feeling connected'

In the wake of Covid-19, we face a world where many businesses have been forced to contemplate working remotely as a long-term solution. However, our current tools for remote work focus on functional needs and ignore the loss of the interactive office environment. Research shows that 56% of remote workers report feeling isolated, lonely, and frustrated with communication tools. This results in a proven decrease in worker satisfaction and productivity.

Take the office to a virtual space

Remotely is the next generation of collaborative workspace. You and your team can communicate naturally and collaborate with ease in stunning 3D workspaces. Personalized avatars and proximity audio capabilities (i.e., your avatar walks up to another avatar and can hear them speaking, as you would in everyday life) bring the feeling of the physical office to online life. "Remotely is visually led, unlocking the unique human interaction cues that until now, have been confined to a physical office," says Remotely founder Adam Berry.

"Managers and staff can easily understand the dynamics of the workplace at a glance and can connect with each other in a more natural way. Our visual approach, together with always-on proximity audio, are the keys to solving the problems of loneliness and poor mental health that afflicts the majority of remote workers."

Forget the physical office - Remotely transitions your workplace into a global 3D space. More than a productivity tool, it's a productivity ecosystem, combining familiar tools with spontaneous, fun and natural communication.

Out of the mouths of - gamers?

After selling his animation and IT colleges to private equity, Berry had 3 months of relaxation - which meant many hours playing his favourite online game PUBG.

"While I was playing I formed all kinds of awesome friendships," says Berry. "People I had never physically met became valued friends. When you're immersed in a game on a collaborative mission, you feel like you're in the same room as your teammates, even though you're in different countries. One day I was reflecting on these strong relationships and I just thought, why can't I work this way?"

Thus, the remote work platform was inspired by collaborative gaming and uses the principles and a user experience that many of the world's 2.5 billion gamers will understand well.

The new way of working

The future of the workplace has come upon us in fast forward. Remote work has moved from a 'nice to have' to a necessity.

"Once we come out of lockdowns around the world, I believe companies will integrate this way of working into their workflows in a significant way. You just can't ignore the lifestyle benefits, not just for employees, but their families, their local communities and the world. Remotely takes cars off the road, reducing CO2 in our environment, and enables work to continue even during global pandemics."

Make sure your company is prepared for the new way of working.

Try the free version of Remotely available today at and see how it can carry your business forward from now into the future - no matter where in the world you are.